Al-kem-i-ka : Born from the concept of alchemy, Alchemiqa is a pattern studio that explores a wide range of  artistic techniques in the pursuit of creating art that is as valuable and beautiful as gold. 
Solange is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Toronto, ON.  Her passion for art, fashion, interiors are a reflection of the  patterns she creates.  She uses a variety of hand-painted and digital techniques to create patterns that are unique and memorable but timeless enough to occupy our daily lives.
After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, Solange discovered her passion for designing patterns working as a Junior Designer at Andrea Iyamah. Shortly thereafter, she pursued a short- term credit in Surface Design at the Rhode Island School of Design.  She now works as the Lead Textile Designer and Product Development Manager at Andrea Iyamah. 
Solange's small but mighty client list include: Knixwear, Gluckstein Home, and JQLYN & Co.
Solange is always looking for new inspiration and working on new designs and ideas.  If you have a project you would like to collaborate on, Solange would love to hear from you!
All images and artwork on this site are copyright ©Alchemiqa.  Please do not use my work without my permission.
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